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ECS Learning Hub LT Training 

LT/01 - Teaching Writing

LT/02 - First Steps in Numbers


LT/08 - Introduction to Global Citizenship

LT/09 - Profiling

LT/10 - Education Scotland Resources - Raising Attainment in Numeracy

LT/11 - Literacy and Global Citizenship CPD

LT/13 - Fair Trade - Ideas and Support for Schools in Perth and Kinross - Additional Session Added

LT/14 - Rights Across the Curriculum

LT/15 - Numeracy and Global Citizenship

LT/16 - Introduction to Global Citizenship for the Early Years

LT/17 - Children's Right's in the Early Years

LT/18 - Improving Reading: Paired Reading 

LT/19 - Tackling Sectarianism Resources - Primary

LT/20 - Tackling Sectarianism Resources - Secondary

LT/21 - How Do You Teach Reading

LT/22 - Creating a Literacy Rich Environment

LT/23 - Fisher Family Trust Wave 3

LT/24 - Introduction to Music Express (Second Edition)

LT/25 - Professional Update - What's it all about

LT/26 - ERD Training for Trainers

LT/27 - Hi 5 Small Group Literacy Intervention

LT/28 - Singing Games and Rhymes - Early into First Level

LT/29 - Singing Games and Rhymes - First into Second Level

LT/30 - Closing the Gap - P&K Pause, Prompt, Praise

Booking Arrangements  

  • There will be no charge for courses unless otherwise stated within the description for each course.
  • Supply cover and travel costs will be incurred by the attendee's establishment.
  • A penalty charge of £50 will be made for non-attendance.


Application for places on all courses should be made on our CPD1 Form.  Once completed, the CPD1 Form should be submitted - following approval from your line manager - to the ECS Learning Hub, Pullar House, Perth.  Please ensure that you return your CPD1 form in plenty of time to ensure you are successful in obtaining a place on your chosen course.  You will be notified whether you have been successful in obtaining a place or have been placed on a waiting list 3/4 weeks prior to the date of the course. 



General enquiries should be directed to the ECS Learning Hub e-mail account: