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Employee Review & Development - ERD

In this section you will find out about the Employee Review and Development process.  All staff should expect a review annually.  Click on the links and you will be able to access the principles, guidelines, frequently asked questions and self evaluation proformas.

Developing a Learning Culture

The ERD strategy recognises the importance of investing in our staff.  It promotes a coherent and equitable approach to development and learning for all staff setting this in a framework of reflection and self evaluation.

It is crucial to the effectiveness of staff development that activites and opportunites are taken forward within an envirnoment where all are recognised as learners and the continuing process of learning is understood and accepted.


FAQ Booklet  on the ERD process

Staff Development & ERD Strategy

ERD guidance for Pupil Support Assistants

Possible Coaching Questions for effective ERD

Mentoring Matters and Coaching Conversations (Education Scotland)

Self Evaluation Forms 

Review Recording Form 

ERD Success Wheels

ERD Coaching Conversation Wheel

GTCS Self Evaluation Wheels are valuable tools for supporting self-evaluation, exploring current reality and helping you to critically reflect on yourself as a professional and your practice.


Professional Update Policy

Professional Update Guide for reviewees

Professional Update Guide for reviewers

Professional Update – what difference can it make? at 4:30pm on Tuesday 28th November with Avril Wilson, recently retired HT of Windygoul PS, East Lothian. Staff can sign up for the event at